fashion library
the hague

slow down

We live in a fast world. From our consumption of media, food and fashion, instant gratification seems key. We like to do it differently. When life is flashing us by, we take it slow.

fashion library

There is no need to own all the amazing outfits in the world, you can just borrow them. We work exclusively with sustainable Dutch designers and our monthly subscriptions allow for unlimited visits. Oh - and we do the laundry!

repairs & custom work

In our workshop we specialize in repairs and custom orders of leather items, working with leather recycled from couches, chairs, jackets.

workshops & events

We love sharing our passion and knowdledge, that's why we regularly organize recycled leather workshops, clothing swaps, movie nights and other events.

concept store

Shopping with a positive impact is possible! We only sell thoughtfully made items from high quality materials by awesome people.

about Bij Priester

We want to make the world a little more fun! We stand for honest and beautiful products and want to keep a craft alive. We rather repair things than throw them away and prefer sharing over owning. We take the time to live consciously and make real connections. We're problem solvers and community builders.

Come around and have a cup of coffee. We invite you to our space to get inspired, experiment, have fun but most of all, take the time to take it easy. At Bij Priester we deliver you from the fast world we live in.

let's collab!

We're always looking for sustainable Dutch designers and brands to showcase in our Fashion Library.