Besides being The Hague’s Fashion Library, we also do some other things:

repairs atelier

In our atelier we specialise in repairs and custom work of leather goods, as well as the design and alteration of clothes by our in-house fashion designer.

workshops & events

We love sharing our passion and knowledge, that's why we regularly organize recycled leather workshops, clothing swaps, movie nights and other events.


Shopping with a positive impact is possible! We only sell thoughtfully crafted items from high quality materials made by awesome human beings.


We want to make the world a little more fun! We stand for honest and beautiful products and want to keep a craft alive. We rather repair things than throw them away and prefer sharing over owning. We take the time to live consciously and make real connections. We're problem solvers and community builders.
Come around and have a cup of coffee. We invite you to our space to get inspired, experiment, have fun but most of all, take the time to take it easy. At Bij Priester we deliver you from the fast world we live in.